Everything you need to know

What is Elegance Colour?

Elegance Colour is a range of rainwater systems including guttering and downpipes. Unlike traditional ranges, you have 11 colours to choose from and one unique Java finish. All the colours are available in a matte or cast iron finish and a Square or Sovereign profile, giving you a total of 24 different options.

Will it suit my home?

We have three collections to choose from: Coastal, Contemporary and Heritage. So you’re sure to find a colour to suit your home.

What are the systems made from?

The Elegance Colour range is innovatively manufactured from PVCu and not legacy materials such as cast iron. PVCu can bend without breaking, cope with heavy rainfall and withstand warm weather. It's also 100% recyclable at the end of its life. What’s more, the system will not corrode or leak and is easier to install and maintain.

Are the systems recyclable?

Polypipe is always working towards a greener and better future, which is why our systems are 100% recyclable at the end of their lifecycle.

Do the systems come with a guarantee?

All of our products and systems go through rigorous testing to ensure we only provide our customers with the best products. The same goes for the guttering and downpipes within the Elegance Colour range, which is why we offer our homeowners a 10-year guarantee on their rainwater system.

What profiles are available for the systems?

Every home has different needs, that’s why each colour comes in either a Square of Sovereign profile, as well as a matte or cast iron finish.

How much would it cost to install an Elegance Colour system on my house?

A four-bedroom detached house would cost approximately £1,600. Whereas a three-bedroom semi-detached house would be an estimated £1,300, excluding fitting. This is just a guide as every house and system is different.

How do I request a colour swatch?

You can request your colour swatches by following this link.

Who can I speak to about ordering Elegance Colour?

Head to this link and fill out a quick call-back form and one of our team members will be happy to speak to you at a time that suits you.