Terrain dB12

Acoustic Soil & Waste Drainage System

Our Terrain dB12 drainage system is engineered to meet the demands of the increased call for acoustic systems.


The triple layer, ring seal, soil and waste pipe system is easy to install, with specially developed co-polymer polypropylene layers and acoustically engineered fittings that effectively dampen both airborne noise and sound transmitted through the building structure. It's especially well-suited to large, multi-occupancy buildings such as high rise residential, student accommodation and healthcare.


The Terrain dB12 drainage system can be used to meet NHBC and Approved Document Building Regulations Part E Requirements. It can be used both in new developments and in refurbishment projects. It's highly resistant to impact, even at low temperatures, and has demonstrated excellent resistance to corrosion across a wide range of chemical agents and temperatures.


It's available in sizes 40 up to 250mm.


Features & Benefits


  • Excellent sound proofing characteristics
  • Elevated mechanical and corrosion resistance
  • Highly resistant to impact, even at low temperatures
  • Lends itself to Fabrication
  • Working temperatures from 0ºC to 95ºC
  • Compatible with our full range of Terrain drainage systems



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Terrain dB12 Soil & Waste

Terrain Acoustic dB12 Soil and Waste Drainage System
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Technical Bulletin 2016 Issue 7 - Terrain Acoustic dB12

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Terrain Drainage Price List Feb 2020

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