Noise Sensitive Environments

Soil, Waste & Drainage Solutions for Noise sensitive environments in commercial building services

There is an increased demand for our habitable spaces to become quieter. Multi-occupancy homes, hotels and libraries are just some of the buildings where noise sensitivity is paramount.


This need for quietness has placed a demand on the construction supply chain to design in good noise reducing practices both in the construction of a building and the building fit out. In endeavouring to meet sound controls within Building Regulations part E, additional materials and labour are required, increasing the cost and time on site.


There is a solution. Terrain dB12 can be used as part of the noise reducing measures within a building as it’s specifically designed to reduce the transmission of solid and air borne noise from the drainage system and into the built environment. With Terrain dB12 we’ve developed a complete acoustic drainage system to reduce the effect of noise and give a superior performance. Its multilayer drainage pipe with acoustic fittings creates a high quality, durable and reliable system. It lends itself perfectly to fabrication.


Terrain dB12 has been specifically developed for acoustic soil applications, with pipes available, from 40mm - 250mm.


It has a comprehensive range of fittings to provide a complete solution for acoustic management of soil pipes and they have been tested to the most recent European accreditations for airborne and impact noise, at the highly respected Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart.




  • Proven noise reducing characteristics, tested to EN 14366/DIN 4109
  • Elevated impact resistance even at low temperatures
  • Resistance to a wide range of chemical agents at high temperatures
  • Push fit single lip Elastomeric seals
  • Easy to install
  • Complete with range of acoustically engineered fittings
  • Ideal for fabrication
  • Advanced technology and performance




  • Polypipe Terrain Acoustic db12 drainage pipe system for commercial buildings

    Terrain dB12

    Terrain dB12 is an easy to install, triple layer pipe system with specially developed co-polymer polypropylene layers and acoustically engineered fittings.

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