Drainage in Tall Buildings

Due to geography and limited space in urban areas a large number of commercial and high-rise residential buildings are by design, tall. The design and layout of drainage in tall buildings needs to be considered as it poses its own significant challenges.


Volume of discharge is higher and layouts can be more complex than in single storey dwellings.


The interception and control of rainwater at source for many tall buildings can help decrease sub base requirements. Fire containment is also of paramount importance.


We are in the perfect position to advise you on the best engineered solutions for drainage in your tall buildings. We can draw on over fifty years’ experience and our innovative product ranges and new products have been developed with tall and commercial buildings in mind.


For futher information please visit http://tallbuildings.polypipe.com

Terrain is the name you can trust


Our products and systems for tall buildings include:


Terrain Fabrication Service
We understand how difficult it can be to find a skilled workforce to meet the demands of the commercial construction market and we want to help with our off site project solutions. By using the Terrain Fabrication Service you could free up your precious skilled labour to be utilised elsewhere.






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Polypipe Building Services - Bespoke Solutions for High Rise Buildings

Polypipe Building Services - bespoke solutions for high rise buildings
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Terrain Above Ground (PVC-U above ground drainage systems) TAG5 Jan-19

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Terrain P.A.P.A. and Pleura Brochure

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Project examples

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  • Strata SE1

    The company has supplied over 2,100 fabricated FUZE TM drainage stacks for the new 485-foot Strata SE1 residential development which is the tallest building in South London and which will act as a...