Background Ventilators


Background Ventilators

For use with intermittent extract ventilation and Mechanical Extraction Ventilation (MEV) systems.

Description Boxed Code Contents
Kit - Background Ventilators - Telescopic - Round - Diffuser - Env Filter - Ø100mm** 2404W
Accessories to 2404:
Environmental Filter 40AF -
Pollen Filter 40AFP -
Wall Liner Acoustic Treatment 4SLWL -
Kit - Background Ventilators - Telescopic - Round -  Damper - Ø125mm 508W 5902W


**2706 (Equivalent area 2857mm²). 7.1l/s @ 10Pa exhaust air heat pump specific.

Kits are available with different terminal colours. Where kit terminals are available in different colours, the component code is marked with an asterisk(*).

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Selecting the correct specification of background ventilation is explained in section 5 of Approved Document F of Building Regulations (p19).

Background Ventilators should be located to avoid draughts, typically 1.7m above floor level.

Background Ventilators should be located in all rooms with external walls.

  • At least 5000mm² total equivalent area of ventilation should be provided in each habitable room and 2500mm²  equivalent area in each wet room
  • For rooms with no external walls, detailed guidance is given in paragraphs 5.14 to 5.16 of Approved Document F

To download installation insutructions for the 2404 air supply kit, please click here.

General Technical Installation Tips:

  • To ensure appliance efficiency and reduce any system noise:
  • Choose the shortest and most direct routes
  • Minimise the use of bends and use 2 x 45° instead of 90° bends wherever possible
  • Seal joints with DDSEAL acrylic sealant
  • Use rigid round duct wherever possible
  • Use the largest appropriate size of duct
  • Avoid using flexible hose wherever possible
  • Check the extraction capability and connection