Introduction To Rainwater Harvesting

Rainstream. The Advantages Are Clear

The simple way to reduce mains water use, water bills & carbon footprint
What is rainwater harvesting?
Rainwater harvesting involves collecting rainwater that falls on a roof, storing it and pumping it to the point of use when its needed. Instantly, the need for mains water is dramatically reduced. So are the bills.
Now Is The Time
Water is a vital resource. The UN considers water to be a crucial world issue in the 21st century. Now is the time to safeguard our supply and protect our interests as well as the environment.
Mains water is increasingly expensive. It's also increasingly problematic. It uses high levels of energy and chlorine. Supplies in some areas of the UK are severely limited
Steady Supply In All Weathers
By harvesting rainwater, a constant supply of water can be maintained whatever the weather. In periods of heavy rain, rainwater harvesting takes pressure off the drains and limits the potential for flooding. It also stores plentiful supplies of water for use during the dry times.
Why Rainstream?
Rainstream is the rainwater harvesting system that outperforms. Our system uses technology that has been rigorously tested across the world.
Rainstream blends brilliant design with superb quality materials. The result is absolute reliability. Rainstream is easy to run and simple to maintain. The system delivers year after year of trouble-free service.
Harvested Rainwater can be used for:
  • Toilet Flushing
  • Irrigation and Landscape Watering
  • Cooling and Sprinkler Systems
  • Vehicle Washing
  • Domestic and Commercial Laundry

New Build Essential

Rainwater harvesting is fast becoming a standard feature in new build designs. The design and construction industry understands the integral part rainwater harvesting plays in creating sustainable buildings.

Commercial System
Polypipe Terrain provides bespoke rainwater harvesting systems for commercial applications, including schools, office blocks, warehouses, hotels, and other multi-occupancy venues. If you are interested to find out more, please email us
Domestic System

If you are interested in rainwater harvesting systems for domestic use, please contact Polypipe Building Products here