Terrain PVC Soil and Waste

Having pioneered the development of solvent-weld systems, Terrain PVC Soil and Waste products represent the industry benchmark for quality, installation, flexibility and product innovation backed by the highest levels of customer service and technical support, including our bespoke fabrication service.

Our solvent weld systems offer a neat way to achieve a permanent joint which is why they have become the systems of choice for the professional installer. Terrain systems include an extensive range of soil and waste drainage products for commercial, industrial, housing and public sector developments.


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Terrain Soil System – 100 Solvent-Weld 

Terrain Soil System – 100 Push-Fit

Terrain 200 Waste System  - MuPVC (Solvent-Weld)

Terrain Waste System – 300 Push-Fit

Terrain Traps and Pan Connectors

Terrain Waste System – 500 Overflow

Terrain Unique Solutions

Terrain Innovative Products

Accessories and Ancillaries

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Terrain products are manufactured to the following manufacturing and quality management standards:


BS 5255:1989 Specification for Thermoplastics Waste Pipe and Fittings

BS 4514:2001 PVC Soil and Ventilation Pipes, Fittings and Accessories

BS EN 1329:2000 Plastic Piping Systems for Soil and Waste Discharge

BS EN 1566:2000 Plastic Piping Systems for Soil and Waste Discharge (Chlorinated)

BS EN 12380 A1 Air Admittance Valve

EN ISO 9001:2008 Management System

EN ISO14001:2004 Management System

BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Management System

PASS 99:2006 Integrated Management Registration

Terrain Solvent Weld jointing method

This video provides a step by step guide for solvent weld jointing of Terrain PVC products.

Terrain systems are easy and quick to install with a fully accredited wide range of solvent and push-fit soil and waste solutions.

When fitting the solvent-weld systems, it is important to make adequate allowance for thermal movement. This is most easily achieved by fitting an expansion ring seal joint between two fixed solvent-weld joints. The expansion gap should be created by pushing the spigot fully into the ring seal socket, and marking the position at the socket face. Then withdraw the spigot by 10mm. Check subsequently to ensure that the expansion gap is not lost during further installation work.

To download more information on the installation of the Terrain PVC Soil and Waste systems, please click on the links below:

Design Considerations

UK Basic Design Principles

UK Basic Principles of Stack Venting for Soil and Waste Drainage

Non-UK Basic Design Principles

Design Data 

System Connections 

Sitework Instructions 

Good Site Practice