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New Terrain Brochures

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New Terrain Brochures

At Terrain we recognise the importance of having the most up-to-date and comprehensive product information available to the market and are therefore delighted to inform you that our literature has been further updated with many new products and enhanced technical information. 

Terrain Above Ground Drainage: 

A comprehensive new range of soil and waste pipes and fittings including 200 & 250mm diam.

Our full range and extended range of rainwater roof and balcony outlets have now also been included in this brochure seen as complimentary to soil & waste system. 
A new modified floor gully - responding to market needs for 2" inlets with an internal connection, whilst importantly retaining a 75mm water trap seal 

Terrain Underground: 

A comprehensive new range of large diameter underground pipes and fittings now including 200, 250 & 315mm diam 

Terrain Pleura System the alternative drainage ventilation system 

A fully updated technical manual and product guide 

These brochures are available for download on www.polypipegulf.com or can be requested in hard copy from our office. 

We trust you find our literature informative and beneficial, and as always, welcome any feedback and suggestions for future editions.