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Complete and uniquely engineered solutions for all building drainage requirements.

Above Ground Drainage Systems

Comprehensive solutions for rainwater collection, removal and management.

Rainwater Systems

An extensive range of below ground drainage systems for in and around buildings.

Below Ground Drainage Systems

A new and unique approach to managing water in the built environment

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Water Management Solutions

Piping and plumbing solutions for hot & cold water supply in and around the building.

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Effast ABS

Effast PVC




Plumbing and Pressure Pipe Systems

Specialist drainage systems for individual applications.

Specialist Systems
Above Ground Drainage Systems Rainwater Systems Below Ground Drainage Systems Water Management Solutions Plumbing and Pressure Pipe Systems Specialist Systems

Polypipe is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of plastic piping systems, with an extensive history and success across the Middle East region.

Terrain Drainage systems are widely recognised as a leader in terms of quality and reliability, acknowledged as providing comprehensive levels of technical expertise to support designers, engineers and installers.

Polypipe Gulf FZ LLC was established in Dubai to provide a dedicated local focus for the Middle East and is responsible for the sales and marketing of the complete TERRAIN and POLYPIPE range of plumbing and drainage products.

With new offices in Dubai and Qatar, our team of technical experts work closely with Contractors, Consultants and local Municipalities, together with our distribution partners to further develop and improve standards of drainage and plumbing design and installations, ensuring safe and reliable systems to protect today's living environment.

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New Product Range

Water Management Solutions
  • Water Management Solutions

    Recognising the increasingly important need to manage water and stormwater in the Middle East's built environment, Polypipe's new Water Management Solutions website details a full range of Polystorm and Permavoid cellular solutions that our experts can easily bespoke for your project. CLICK HERE >>

Uniquely British

Uniquely British, Uniquely Terrain
  • Uniquely British, Uniquely Terrain

    Terrain PVC-u systems are the only wholly British manufactured drainage range in the Middle East, internationally renowned for high performance and reiabiliy

About Us

Polypipe Gulf
  • Polypipe Gulf

    Polypipe Gulf FZ LLC was established to provide a dedicated local focus for the Middle East and is responsible for the sales and marketing of the complete Polypipe range of plumbing and drainage products.

Can We Assist You?

Contact Us
  • Contact Us

    Whether designing from scratch, or working from an existing drawing, drainage installations should be considered as performing an essential role in every building. Terrain's local experts are only a phone call away, able to provide straightforward assistance with your design or installation, quickly reviewing drawings and layouts to ensure reliable and optimum solutions.

Domestic Plumbing & Drainage Solutions

Domestic Applications
  • Domestic Applications

    The Polypipe range is not only extensive, but also provides a single source plumbing & drainage solution for today's designers and installers.

New Piping Systems Product Guide

Drainage, Plumbing & Pressure
  • Drainage, Plumbing & Pressure

    As the UK’s leading manufacturer of plastic piping systems, our new product guide brings together drainage, plumbing & pressure systems into a single handy pocket-sized brochure. Click here to download >>>

Terrain Firetrap

Passive Fire Protection
  • Passive Fire Protection

    In light of recent events across the Middle East, fire safety is receiving increased attention to ensure we’re adequately protected within the living and working environment. Click here for further details of Terrain's unique Firetrap solutions.

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Complimentary Training Seminars
  • Complimentary Training Seminars

    Drainage installations should be recognised as performing an essential role in any building and with a little help from Terrain's team of local experts, we can help you ensure your drainage designs don't let you down.

Flexible Plumbing Solutions

  • Polyplumb

    Polyplumb is an integral flexible plumbing system for hot and cold water incorporating polybutene pipes and an extensive range of push-fit fittings. Polyplumb offers a 'fit and forget,' distinctively superior solution that is fast, reliable and cost effective.

Gulf Literature

Terrain Pleura Brochure International Drainage Solutions
  • Terrain Pleura Brochure

    The Terrain Pleura system provides both an intelligent and integrated solution for balancing the ambient air pressure within a drainage system.

  • International Drainage Solutions

    Terrain has a heritage stretching back over 50 years of experience in the Gulf. Polypipe Gulf is responsible for the sales and marketing of drainage products for residential and commercial buildings.

Commercial Plumbing & Drainage Solutions

Commercial Applications
  • Commercial Applications

    The Polypipe concept is an exciting and comprehensive unique combination of plumbing and drainage systems to suit almost every application.