Rainwater Interception, Storage & Control

Rainwater Inception, storage and control for Commercial and Public Buildings
Traditionally, rainwater has been collected within a below ground storage tank and released into the sewer in a controlled fashion. In recent years this has become more difficult because of the space limitations within urban environments.


To get around this problem we have developed our Rainwater Interception system which intercepts the rainwater at source at roof and podium level using geocellular storage cells and controls the flow, using our Terrain variable flow outlet and trusted terrain drainage systems, to the underground drain.

For further information, please see our Rainwater Interception System and Rainwater Interception Outlet product pages.

Project examples

  • Unite Stratford student accommodation

    Working alongside main contractor Westfield Construction and M&E contractor Dimension Data Advanced Infrastructure, Polypipe helped to develop a rainwater attenuation system capable of managing th



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Rainwater interception system

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