Terrain Firetraps

Terrain Firetraps for Commercial and Public Buildings

Terrain Firetrap is a comprehensive range of unique passive fire protection products for use with Terrain Soil and Waste Systems, Terrain FUZE and Terrain Acoustic dB12. Each product provides up to 4 hours fire compartmentalisation for drainage stacks so that building regulations are not just met but exceeded.


They’re ideal for use in concrete, masonry, cross laminated timber construction (CLT) or plasterboard partitions as well as concrete floor constructions.Our Terrain Firetrap Collars and Sleeves have been tested to a number of UK and international standards. These include: BS 476 Part 20, BS 476: Part 22: 1987 and BS EN1366-4.


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Terrain Firetrap Products Key Benefits:


  • Provide compartmentalisation for plastic drainage systems when penetrating fire compartments
  • Allow for compliance with approved document Part B Building Regulations – Resistance to the passage of fire within dwellings
  • Have been extensively tested to provide up to 4 hours compartmentalisation for insulation and integrity so that no flame or smoke escapes from that compartment
  • Have been tested on several different floor and wall types
  • Compatible with all Terrain Drainage Systems
  • Easy to install
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