Pressure Systems

Effast Pressure Pipe Systems for Industrial & Commercial Buildings

Modern, plastic pressure pipe systems are a light weight and durable alternative to pressure pipe & fitting systems made from traditional materials and offer equivalent life cycles. Plastic pipe systems have a wide range of benefits over traditional materials in commercial buildings where a high pressure plumbing system is required.


Because Effast Pressure Pipe Systems are made from a range of materials you will find one to suit your particular application. Effast pipes and fittings available in Polypropylene (PP), PVCu, ABS and PE plastics.

Each pipe and fitting material has a different temperature range that it works to and there are different jointing techniques available. We can advise which would be the right one for your industrial or commercial building.


Where applicable our Effast Pressure Piping Systems carry the WRAS approval and the relevant BSI Kitemark:


WRAS Approval Effast Solvents


  • Cold Water Systems

    For cold water systems in Commercial, Public and Industrial buildings, we recommend using Effast pressure systems to take water up the buildings in risers and then our Polypipe plastic plumbin

  • Chilled Water

    For chilled water applications such as cooling systems for commercial and industrial buildings and air conditioning systems, we recommend these Effast pressure systems.

  • Agriculture

    For irrigation, water sprinklers and chemical applications such as pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture, we recommend these Effast pressure systems.

  • Water Treatment

    For applications such as water treatment for swimming pools, for dosing drinking and potable water, we recommend these Effast pressure systems.

  • Chemical Processing & Industrial

    For chemical processing and industrial applications, pressure pipe systems are required. In order to prevent corrosion or freezing of the system, chemicals are often added.

  • Food & Beverage Processing

    Food and beverage processing often requires water and liquids to be moved around the system and water is often needed for cleansing and cooking. Our modern, plastic systems offer a smooth bore

  • Boosted Cold Water Systems

    A boosted cold water system provides a constant supply of pressurised water, to high rise residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Contact us as early as possible in your project so that we can tailor the right pressure pipe system for your commercial or public building project needs.
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