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Terrain pioneered the production of plastic drainage systems in the UK more than 50 years ago and we remain the number one choice for engineered, robust drainage solutions for Commercial and Public Buildings.  To learn more about our history click here.


We work closely with consultants and contractors in order to create our comprehensive range of drainage and pressure pipe systems, so we can provide solutions for applications ranging from high-rise residential, hospitals and schools to hotels and shopping centres.


  • Soil, Waste and Venting drainage pipe systems for high rise residential buildings and tower blocks

    High Rise Residential

    We fully understand the engineering challenges high rise residential buildings pose. The Terrain P.A.P.A. and Pleura System, which negates the need for secondary venting, is one example of the unique products and bespoke solutions we've designed for this sector.


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  • Above ground drainage pipe systems, soil stacks and rainwater drainage systems for commercial high rise buildings

    High Rise Commercial

    We offer above ground drainage systems and solutions which have been designed to deal with high peak demands of water and waste water, both internally and externally. Our Terrain drainage pipe systems offer technical peace of mind for high rise office and commercial systems in conjunction with innovative water supply products.

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  • Drainage pipe systems for hospitals and healthcare premises for chemical and rainwater drainage


    From large hospital complexes to individual care homes, our secure, tested drainage pipe and supply systems have been offering designers and installers the products and system solutions they've needed for over half a century. Our range of welded drainage systems provide longevity and leak free solutions.

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  • Rooftop siphonic drainage systems from Polypipe Terrain for Stadium roof and premises

    Stadia and Leisure

    Terrain have the trusted technical knowhow to be able to provide innovative water management solutions for high footfall areas and rooftop siphonic drainage systems that allow large roof areas to be drained much quicker than a conventional system.

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  • Drainage pipe and soil pipe systems for schools, universities and nurseries from Polypipe Terrain


    We understand how schools, universities and colleges need drainage pipe systems and plumbing systems with a specific design approach to ensure they don't encroach on teaching areas and disrupt students.

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  • Soil stack replacement system and drainage pipe systems for local authority premsies

    Local Authority

    A number of local authority high rise buildings are now requiring refurbishment due to old, decaying soil stacks which were formed from traditional materials. We can provide a unique live stack replacement solution using fabricated plastic drainage stacks which you can install in real time.

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  • Siphonic drainage systems for retail premises and warehouses where drainage is essential

    Retail and Warehousing

    We understand the key part design plays in creating the right atmosphere for retail therapy. Our siphonic drainage systems allow large roof areas to be drained quickly which means less space is taken up by vertical drainage stacks, making your building more aesthetically pleasing.

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Terrain Tall Buildings - Reach New Heights

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