In-Building Soil, Waste & Vent

In-Building soil, waste and vent systems for Commercial and Public Buildings
We have systems to suit all applications. Our extensive range of building soil, waste and vent systems can drain internal and external fluids from inside any Commercial or Public Building to the underground drain.

Terrain FUZE
Manufactured from high density polyethylene, this soil and waste system is suitable for a large number of commercial applications. HDPE is a versatile material and due to its inherent characteristics lends itself to fabrication.


Terrain PVC Soil and Waste system
PVC is an established drainage system material with a long service life in excess of 50 years. This system also lends itself to fabrication.


Terrain Acoustic dB12
In our noise reducing drainage system we use polypropylene in conjunction with a mineral additive. As well as excellent noise reducing characteristics, it’s highly chemical resistant and has a high temperature profile. Due to its inherent characteristics, polypropylene lends itself to fabrication.

  • Drainage in Tall Buildings

    Drainage in Tall Buildings

    Due to geography and limited space in urban areas a large number of commercial and high-rise residential buildings are by design, tall. The design and layout of drainage in tall buildings need


Project examples

  • Royal Chelsea Hospital

    Terrain’s PVC soil and waste system has been specified for yet another above ground drainage application, this time at London’s Royal Chelsea Hospital which houses the world-famous Chelsea Pensioners



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Terrain FUZE technical manual

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Terrain Soil & Waste Technical Manual

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Terrain Drainage Price List

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