Pre-Insulated Piping Systems

The unique assets of Polypipe Pre-Insulated Pipe: flexibility, durability and availability.

Suitable for “single plot” applications such as remote boilers and heat pumps
Available - Standard coil lengths available “off the shelf”
Flexible - Quick and easy to install with flow and return in one lay
Durable - Inner PEX barrier pipe and corrugated HDPE outer casing
Reliable - Brass mechanical clamp fittings require no special tools or equipment
  • Fast installation even in the event of bends, obstacles and wall feed-throughs
  • No compensators needed thanks to the piping system’s self compensatory behaviour
  • No skilled welders needed for connections
  • No special tools needed
  • Limited weight facilitates easy installation
  • Simple and safe to operate modular systemof connections, including couplings and accessories
  • Fast installation and accelerated assembly cut installation costs significantly
  • High-grade raw materials ensure a very long product life
  • Unique double wall outside casing in HDPE provides extra protection to the carrier pipes
  • Sophisticated geometry of outside casing ensures unparalleled flexibility and high resistance to impacts and pressure
  • Very elastic thermal foam insulation in PE-X with closed cell structure – excellent long-term insulation qualities and high μ factor
  • Insulating centrepiece guarantees an effective separation of inlet and outlet pipes
  • Corrosion-free carrier pipes in PE-Xa, unique chemical resistance, very long life even under high pressures and temperatures, maximum resistance to cracks caused by ageing
  • System pipes are highly resistant to external influences, such as stress, micro organisms and temperature swings
Polypipes Pre-Insulated Pipes are suitable for central heating applications only. They are not suitable for hot and cold water services, gas, oil or any other fuel or compressed air. Single plot applications are single residential properties only.