Plastic Plumbing

PolyPlumb - Traditional push fit plumbing
Our original grey plumbing system with flexible grey polybutylene pipes. The fittings feature a one step jointing process and a high performance stainless steel grab ring, ensuring superb joint integrity. Available in 10, 15, 22 and 28mm diameters.



























































































PolyMax - Streamline push fit plumbing

PolyMax is our newest plumbing fitting range, easily demounted using our handy release tool. Sleek, attractive fittings make it the perfect system for surface mounted installations. Available in 15 and 22mm diameters.

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PolyFit - Quickfix push fit plumbing
Our hand-demountable, white push fit plumbing system offers maximum flexibility and adjustability, with one step jointing and easy demounting for adjustment during installation. Available in 10, 15, 22 and 28mm diameters.

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PolySure - Permanent press fit plumbing

PolySure is our radial press fit system, uniquely available with either brass or plastic fittings in UK sizes. Featuring secure, tamper proof jointing technology for a permanent fit, its slim profile fittings are ideal for visible installations. Available in 10, 15, 22 and 28mm diameters.

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Plumbing and heating pipes

At Polypipe we are committed to polybutylene because it creates the most flexible, efficient, practical and durable pipes and plumbing systems. Ideal for both hot and cold water plumbing and heating, it is the preferred material for many of today's building projects.

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PolyPlumb PolyMax PolyFit PolySure Pipes

Polypipe recognises that no two jobs are the same and has developed an application-based range of plumbing solutions with four fittings ranges, backed by a range of pipe options.

Plumbing Range


- Our original plumbing system

- Robust, reliable, tried and tested

- One step, high performance jointing


- Slim and sleek, ideal for surface mounted applications

- Ideal for home improvement and refit projects

- Tool demountable


- Hand demountable for maximum flexibility

- Ideal for first fix applications

- One step operation for quick and easy installation


- Slim profile fittings, ideal for visible applications

- Tamper proof so ideal when security is paramount

- Radial press fit system in UK sizes

New Product

Polysure Plastic Fittings
  • Polysure Plastic Fittings

    The Polysure radial press fit system is being upgraded to include new plastic bodied fittings. The white and steel finish creates an attractive, slim profile, ideal for surface mounted applications in buildings with high levels of public access, were security and joint integrity are essential.

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  • PolyPlumb

    PolyPlumb - the tried and tested grey plastic plumbing system. It always has been grey and always will be. PolyPlumb is available from merchants nationwide.


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